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Melody Vaughn is an interior designer, an experienced kitchen and bathroom designer, renovation specialist, art consultant and writer. Her work has appeared in New York Times, New York Post, Domino Magazine, and Luxe Magazine. She has also been featured as a writer for Rolling Out Magazine and Black and Brown News.


Melody’s journey kick started in 2003, after being laid off from corporate America. She began working for Home Depot and became a certified kitchen and bath designer. During that time she designed and installed over 40 kitchens and 20 bathrooms working with residential and commercial clients. Eventually, she left Home Depot and started her own company “Harmonize Your Home” strictly designing kitchen and organizing closets. However, Melody was determined to reach further in her career.


In 2011, she made the big decision to move the bustling city of New York. This led her to the opportunity to take on an Interior Designer and Sales Manager position at Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams. She evidently served as the company’s Business Development Manager. In this role her main responsibility was staging hi-end luxury apartments, homes and condos. Her clientele list includes Farrell Builders of the Hamptons, Tahl-Propp Equities, Brodsky Builders, Douglas Elliman, Keller Williams and Corcoran Sunshine. This extensive sales and business development background at Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams has allowed her to understand the importance of staging and creating a enjoyable experience for clients while providing a quality product at great value. However, her deep rooted passion for interior design inspired her to start her own unique business journey, thus Melody Vaughn Interiors was founded.

With a name like Melody, there is no surprise that she believes in harmonizing and tuning into the energy of a space to create a home of peace and beauty. She believes every home has its own rhythm which the décor should beautifully reflect. By incorporating the power of color, proper space planning and bits of Feng shui, Melody designs each project to become a human sanctuary for its owners.


Melody Vaughn Interiors is a full scale design firm born from a need to create spaces that heals.

Let your journey with her begin !

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